Homophobia is a expression used to describe a variety of anti-gay thinking and habits. It is often linked to sexism, classism https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/basics/relationships and ageism and it is considered one of the pernicious varieties of bigotry.


Homophobic hate speech can be an online and offline trouble that influences many LGBTQ communities. While an effect, GLAAD produced this list to document the most common examples of anti-LGBTQ online hate speech, and encourage people to statement it.

The most common forms of hate presentation are directed at LGBTQ persons, their families and friends. Including verbal maltreatment, physical strategies and defamatory content.

Someone’s level of homophobia can be described as combination of overt and acted behavior. Research workers believe that people may possibly express hate toward gay and lesbian people because of their public status and identity, through distancing themselves from the «gay» group, they will reinforce their own heteronormative status.

This theory is definitely supported by many research studies, that have found that revealing a anxiety about gay people is linked to higher https://www.gaypasg.org/salt-lake-city-has-high-gay-population/ levels of sex-related aggression and xenophobia in a population. This may be because people may believe they are becoming targeted simply because members of a particular cultural class, which this aim for group is definitely inherently hazardous.

Hate speech is also a major good reason that victims of homophobic physical violence tend not to report it. In 22 cases documented by Human Legal rights Watch, patients said they did not file police reports because they did not trust the authorities, dreaded more humiliation or physical violence, or simply did not see value in filing a report.