Yo, listen up, we’re gonna rap about some legal stuff
From hitchhiking in Virginia to 5 stud poker rules, ain’t that tough?
Let’s start with the basics, is hitchhiking legal in Virginia?
Gotta know the laws before you stick out your thumb, ya heard?

Next up, we got damages for breach of exclusivity agreement
When contracts go sour, you gotta know your rights, that’s the gauge
And speaking of contracts, what about fixed term contracts?
Know your obligations, don’t get caught up in legal combat

Moving across the globe to Kenya, we got the requirements to join DCI in Kenya
If you wanna fight crime, gotta meet the criteria, don’t delay
And over in India, is LGBTQ marriage legal?
Stay informed, know your rights, take action, don’t just sit in the burial

Let’s take a turn to corporate law in Arkansas, it’s quite the saga
Gotta understand the Arkansas corporate law to avoid any legal drama
And what’s an adoption agreement?
Know the ins and outs before you make that lifelong commitment, don’t just sway

Now, let’s switch gears to some grammar in legal writing, don’t be a hater
Ever heard of the Oxford comma? It’s not just for nerds, it’s a real game changer
And finally, we got 5 stud poker rules, gotta know your hand before you play
So, keep it legal, stay informed, and make sure you always slay