Legal Affairs and Property Law Rap

Yo, let’s talk about the law and property
Leases, edibles, and jobs, it’s all reality
So many legal issues, so much to know
But we got you covered, so let’s go!

First up, we got the types of lease in property law
Know the differences, don’t get caught in a flaw
Buying edibles? Is it legal in Australia or not?
Stay informed and be savvy with what you’ve bought

When it comes to the law, age is key
Legal age for criminal offense, that’s what you need to see
Getting a job? The government of Canada might need you
But do they pay up front? You gotta find a clue

Government contracts, do they pay upfront or not?
Know the payment terms, it’s all part of the plot
Need legal aid? There’s LAPSO to help you out
Free legal assistance, that’s what it’s all about

The lady’s law, legal rights and empowerment for women
Stand strong and know your rights, let your voice be seen
What about a house on contract? What does that really mean?
Understanding the law, that’s how you stay keen

Need a legal research attorney to help you along?
Expert services, that’s where you belong
Owning property? In Texas, know the laws
Stay on top of your game, that’s what it’s all about, pause!