Welcome to the Youth Slang Legal Guide

So, you’re looking for some legal advice but don’t want to sound like a total square? We got you covered. Check out these totally rad legal tips and tricks that will help you navigate the complex world of legality without sounding like a total noob.

1. Evade Taxes Meme

Thinking about pulling off a hilarious evade taxes meme? Make sure you know the legal implications and consequences before you go viral.

2. What Is a 6 Month Lease Agreement?

Looking to rent a sick pad for a few months? Make sure you understand the ins and outs of a 6 month lease agreement so you don’t get burned.

3. Dummies Guide to Starting a Business PDF Download

Ready to start your own hustle? Check out this dummies guide to starting a business PDF download for all the legal tips and resources you need to make it happen.

4. Sample Form SSA-1099

Got a question about your sample form SSA-1099? Get the legal lowdown from the experts so you can stay in the know.

5. Legal Benefits of Marriage in the Philippines

Thinking about tying the knot? Learn all about the legal benefits of marriage in the Philippines so you can pop the question with confidence.

6. Free Legal Advice on Apartment Leases

Ready to move out of your parent’s basement? Get some free legal advice on apartment leases to make sure you’re not getting scammed by your sketchy landlord.

7. Service Agreement Format in Word

Need to draft a service agreement format in Word? Get the legal contract templates you need to make your hustle legit.

8. What Is a Mitigating Factor in Law?

Think you’ve got a solid case? Learn all about mitigating factors in law so you can plead your case like a boss.

9. Personal Use of Company Equipment Policy

Thinking about borrowing your boss’s laptop for some personal use? Check out the company equipment policy guidelines for personal use so you don’t get slapped with a pink slip.

10. MLA Multilateral Agreement

Feeling confused about all those legal terms? Learn about the MLA multilateral agreement so you can sound like a legal whiz at your next study sesh.